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Network Access Server - Serwery dostępowe lub klienckie (DigiLab offer)
Technical data

Network Access Server

Serwery dostępowe lub klienckie


The family of one-processor Internet Office Servers (IOS) and Network Access Servers (NAS) is designed in 19 inches standard for installation in industrial cupboards and small office cupboards. The servers enable a safety access to the Internet (WAN network) for all users of the firm’s internal network (LAN). They may also perform a role of file servers, printout servers, application servers (e.g. database servers) and terminal servers (application clients).

Network Access Servers are configured as:
- gateways - with Fast Ethernet network cards up to 8 independent channels (LAN segments),
- database applications’ servers (SQL Dbase)
- clients’ access servers to database servers
- application and client servers that give an access to the office applications (e.g. standard MS Office or OpenOffice set) installed and administrated centrally for many users.

Function of database server is separated from a client server as far as work efficiency and data security is considered.

Network Access Server in a gateway configuration is equipped with 1 or 2 hard disks and up to 8 FastEthernet channels, which enables configuration of multi-segmental LAN network of the firm. Such a gateway (NAS-2U08) may be used as a firm firewall, WWW server, FTP and e-mail.

For the most important firm gateways (public institutions, big firms’ networks) NAS servers are configured as firewall cluster (2 x NAS-2U06) under control of specialized BorderWare (Canada) operating system. Such a cluster can serve hundreds of users.

In sets of servers for operating database applications (database server and client database access server) server boards with 2 channels are used: 1 FastEthernet (100MHz) for connection with LAN and 1 GigaEthernet channel (1Ghz) for communication among the servers. Such a set of servers may serve 25 users.
Network Access Server as a database server (NAS-2U02DB) is equipped with a fast SCSI system disk, set of RAID-1 disks and Streamer. In this configuration it may be also used as an application server for Office applications with printout and file server. If such services as terminal-server are activated, then it becomes a client server for NC terminals or PC computers that have the terminal client installed.

There has been taken steps to start NAS servers’ production in two-processor version for operating on more complicated database applications or to serve a larger number of terminal clients.

NAS 1U02..3 server (2..3 Ethernet channels) is a version of NAS2U designed for less loaded systems of network services, e.g. on such server firewall software, FTP, printout server and optionally file server are installed, and WWW and e-mail services are provided by the firm that services the domain.


Network Access Server - widok ogólny

Network Access Server - panel przedni

Network Access Server - widok od tyłu

Technical data:

Case 2U
Dimensions89 x 446 x 327 mm (without mounting handles)
89 x 482 x 327 mm (with handles)
Power supplyATX12V 200 W
Number of disksUp to 4 disks or 3 disks and Streamer
ProcessorStandard Socket 478 (Pentium IV)
ChipsetIntel 845 or ServerWorks
Ports2 to 8 Ethernet ports (8 x 1 FastEthernet channel)
1 x COM (for SDI connection)
2 x USB

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